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Five cowboys are sent forward in time from 1899 to 1986, where they start their own detective agency.
Sometime during the 19th century, Sheriff Grail was chasing a gang of bank robbers when they were all accidentally thrown forward in time to the year 1986. Realizing they need to work together to survive (and perhaps to find a way home), the good guy and the bad guys team up to open their own private-detective agency to fight crime. Maggie was their neighbor and police contact.
The plots weren&#39;t really all that great when you get right down to it.<br/><br/>What I really watched it for, for the few weeks it lasted, was the character interaction and the excellent actors who worked on the series.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve always enjoyed Christine Belford since her days on &quot;Banacek&quot;; Rod Taylor, of course, has always been a joy (where is he lately?); William Lucking I liked from the time I saw him playing Babe Ruth in an episode of &quot;Voyagers!&quot; in the 80s; Charles Napier is one of those faces most recognize without knowing who he is (anyone remember him playing Adam in the episode The Way to Eden on Star Trek?); Richard Roundtree has remained one of my favorite actors over the years; and Patrick Houser managed to hold his own among all those illustrious performers.<br/><br/>Every so often I pull out my tapes and revisit this silly guilty pleasure just for fun.
Yeah, I saw it. I remember it as being quirky and unusual. It&#39;s a slick joke including Rod Taylor in the cast of time travelers, and the Lieutenant was one tough hombre herself. I even recall one memorable scene when the cowboys just take their time and shoot down these guys with Uzis. The commentary suggested that you had to aim first before shooting. Very enjoyable.

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